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repairs and maintenance

Specialty Transformer Components LLC. offers a variety of component and system solutions for repair and retro-fit transformers from fans and radiators to be installed in the field to updated valves and instrumentation. We can also repair or rebuild many switch products, reverse engineer replacement products from existing switches, or replace products in the fields with custom switches built to your specifications.

With our many years of experience, we provide service and maintenance to the following areas:

  • De-Energized Tap Changers
  • Series/Parallel Switches
  • Delta-Wye Switches
  • Network Grounding Switches
  • Multiple Voltage Switches
  • Motor Operated Switches
  • LTC Terminal Boards
  • Repair & Rebuild Switches
STC Consulting

Specialty Transformer Components LLC. also offers a variety of custom designs. We work with our customers to provide solutions for your unique needs and applications.

Our 30-year experience in building many different designs of switches helps us to better understand your needs and provide proven solutions from our past experience.